Department Staff


What we stand for!

The Humanities Faculty offers a range of academic and developmental subjects based on human experience in the past, present and future. We are interested in what makes people do the things they do. How human choices and experiences have shaped our planet and world today. Why humans think, act and express themselves in very different ways and how we can try to learn lessons from the past!

What we offer!

We offer a range of subjects across all three national curriculum key stages. These are:

  • Geography
  • History
  • RE and Philosophy & Ethics
  • Humanities For Life ( a course of study based on Personal, Social, Moral, Health and Citizenship issues)
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
Our learning goals!

Though we have such a varied range of subject specialisms in our Humanities Faculty, we are all passionate and enthusiastic about teaching the Humanities. We share key common goals for all our pupils. These are that students will:

  • Be actively involved in the world around them and care about what’s going on.
  • Learn tolerance – to accept others for who they are.
  • Understand the consequences of their actions.
  • Develop effective learning ‘survival skills’ for the big, wide world!
How do we achieve our Humanities goals?

The Faculty aims to achieve these goals for each year group with a mix of strong academic teaching, real enthusiasm for our subjects and regular sharing of good teaching practice. We also aim to excite student’s curiosity by arranging outdoor learning experiences with trips across the U.K and beyond. The Faculty also relies heavily on the promotion of four pupil survival skills. These are: Good Learning, Good Communication, Good Citizen and Good Creative-Problem Solving. Each scheme of work has a focus ‘survival skill’ and pupils are assessed on their development of these key skills. These skills promote the development of fully rounded pupils which allows pupils to see the links between all four Humanities subjects.

Pupil Experience @ KS3

Our main aim for Years 7 and 8 is to promote a love and interest in the subjects of History, Geography and Humanities for Life. We want lessons to be memorable!

In year 7 and 8, the focus is on teaching the key topics/ issues of the National Curriculum. However, there is an overall project pupils complete each term which effectively draws together the learning that has taken place across the Humanities subjects. Pupils very often will take part in an exhibition at the end of term to show their peers, parents and other teachers what they have achieved. The focus in Humanities For Life is very much on helping the pupils understand the world around them and develop their key ‘survival skills’.

Pupil Experience @ KS4

Our main aim for pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11 is to continue to promote enthusiasm for their subject coupled with the development of academic subject specific skills. Pupils across Geography, History and Philosophy & Ethics study under the OCR and AQA exam board specifications which provide continuity of learning across the Faculty. All pupils in KS4 will have access to outside speakers and trips to use skills developed in the classroom in a more practical way. Pupils will be supported throughout their GCSE journey with some lessons being taught by a team of teachers to vary the learning experience. Pupils are also offered extra revision classes and more one on one support for differentiated learning needs.

Pupil Experience @ KS5

Our fundamental aim in KS5 is for all pupils to feel supported and capable of achieving their academic goals, whatever they may be. With smaller class sizes and a personal approach from teachers, all students should feel confident in their subject choices and skills as each year of AS, and then A2, progresses. Academic staff specialisms and a wider lesson timetable ensure students have more access to more individualised support, which in turn promotes progress. Student learning is also driven by out of school trip experiences to lectures, museums, theatre plays and other places of interest.