Richard Owen – Headteacher

Richard is Headteacher and joined the governing body as a governor in September 2016. Previously, as Deputy Headteacher, Richard attended full governing body meetings as well as strategy and finance committee meetings. He will continue to do this as part of his role as governor and Headteacher.

Steve Knowles – Chair of Governors/Community Governor

Steve has served on the school governing body since May 2010 and he was elected as Chair of Governors in September 2016.  Steve also serves on the Finance and Student Support Monitoring Teams.  Recently retired, Steve is also involved at Coxheath Primary School where he was recently elected as Chair of Governors. Steve has recently undertaken governor training in Managing Parental Complaints and Safeguarding.

Tony Hedges – Vice Chair of Governors/LEA Governor

Tony joined the governing body as Parent Governor some 20 years ago, when his daughter was a student at Maplesden Noakes.  He has served as LEA Governor and he was elected as Vice Chair of Governors in September 2016.  Tony is a member of the Strategy, Finance and Careers, Business & Enterprise Monitoring Teams.  He has been actively involved in the Year 12 Business Challenge since it started in 2006.  Although retired, Tony is still involved in the family childcare business at Sevenoaks. 


Julia Batt – Parent Governor

Julia, owner of The Kumon Centre (Gravesend) is the newest member of the governing body.  She was elected as Parent Governor in October 2014 and she is part of the student support monitoring team , Community and Careers monitoring team.

Liz Duckworth – Partnership Governor

Liz, a Development Manager for Creative Foundation has been on the governing body since 2008.  She was re-appointed as Partnership Governor in June 2012.  Liz is heavily involved in the careers development of the school and is part of the Careers, Business & Enterprise Monitoring Team.  In addition to this she is actively involved in the Year 12 Business Challenge each year.

Penny Neeve – Staff Governor

Penny, currently Head of Maths at The Maplesden Noakes School was elected as Staff Governor in October 2014.

Jill Trumper – Parent Governor

Jill joined the governing body in February 2013 as a Parent Governor.  She is a member of the Student Support and Curriculum & Attainment monitoring teams.  Jill works for KCC as a Supporting Business Project Officer.

Mary Wiles – Partnership Governor

Following her retirement as Director of Faculty at Central Sussex College, Mary joined the governing body in 2011 and was re-elected as Partnership Governor in June 2015.  She is part of the Curriculum and Attainment Monitoring, and the strategy and finance monitoring teams . Mary has undertaken various governance training, including ‘Be Prepared and Knowledgeable for Ofsted’ (July 2015) and ‘Governor Training and Development Officer’ (February 2016)

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