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Revision Planners and Guides Offer

Revision Planners and Guides

It has come to my attention that Pearson publish both a revision planner and a revision study skill guide for GCSE students. Currently they retail at £9 and £5.99 respectively, however, as a school, we are able to offer them at a discounted rate: £4 for the planner and £3 for the guide, including postage and packaging.

You can have a look at these items at by clicking here

If you would like to order either, or both of these items at this discounted price, they can be purchased on Wisepay under the Shopping Basket section, however the deadline for this will be 18th November 2016.

This items are not compulsory but may be of use to your son/daughter to aid their revision.


Yours sincerely

Miss T Hillier