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Year 11 Important Information

Year 11 had their Leavers Assembly yesterday ( Tuesday 13th June), this means that from now onward they need only attend school for their remaining exams and the revision sessions, namely:

Wed 14th June  10:30  History p2-3
Wed 14th June 10:00 Child Development p2-3
Thu 15th June 12:20 Physics p4-5
Fri 16th June 10:00 Resistant Materials p2-3 T1 and T2
Fri 16th June  PM Biology (Triple Science Only) p1-5
Fri 16th June 13:10 – 02:00 Film Studies p4-5
Mon 19th June 09:00 Chemistry (Triple Science Only) p1-5
Tue 20th June 09:00 Graphics p1-3
Wed 21st June 12:20 Film Studies p4-5
Thu 22nd June 09:00 Physics (Triple Science Only) p1-5
Thu 22nd June 10:00 – 02:00 Film Studies p2-3

These revision sessions are compulsory, students that fail to attend are undermining their chances of performing well in the exam.