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16-19 Tuition Fund

16-19 Tuition Fund Statement of Intent

As required by the ESFA, this statement is to explain how we intend to use the 16-19 Tuition Funding in line with the ESFA guidance to support students in post-16 education to mitigate the disruption of learning arising from the coronavirus. This additional funding is for the academic year 2022-2023.

In line with the Government guidance, we will prioritise the following groups of 16-19 year old students, identified by the Government as disadvantaged, for support from the fund: 

Students who have not achieved a grade 4 in either Maths or English and are on a Level 3 16-19 study programme. 

How will we determine the support required? 

We will review of all students who meet the Government criteria and determine if they would benefit from additional support during 2022-2023 and what specific support is required.  

What types of support will we provide? 

The types of support outlined below will be provided through 1-2-1 support or small group intervention, with a maximum of 5 students in each group:  

Maths and/or English – targeted intervention to support students to fill gaps in their knowledge, practise their skills and reinforce learning from the curriculum in preparation for the summer sitting. 

How will we record and monitor the use of this fund? 

Existing systems will be used to track the usage of the fund and the impact of the support on students. The sessions will be run by a specialist teacher or tutor, additional support may be provided using a blend of on site and remote delivery and evidence will be kept of student attendance at the sessions and the progress they are making in light of this support.


We will notify the ESFA of any unspent funding from this fund for it to be reclaimed. 

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