Unmistakably Maplesden

Curriculum Departments

  • Art


    The Maplesden Noakes School prides itself on being one of the best centres for Art, Design and Photography in the area. We provide opportunities for students (and the local community through Adult Ed.) to experience a very broad based, skills focused, learning experience in a vibrant and well equipped environment.

    We strive to move students towards being independent learners through their active participation in the creation of a personal portfolio of work that reflects skill, understanding and above all enthusiasm in the subject.

  • Business


    The Business Studies Department provides students with an insight into the world of work. Students will discover how businesses operate and will learn about their key functions. Young people are a part of the business world and at some point each and every one is affected by it - as consumers, producers or employees. Business Studies will use the experience of pupils and direct their interests into the 'real world'.

  • Careers


    All students at Maplesden Noakes receive careers education, information, advice and guidance that will enable them to choose appropriate 14-19 pathways. This will enable them to manage their careers, sustain employability and achieve personal and economic wellbeing throughout their lives.

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  • Dance


    Year 7 and 8 have one period of dance a fortnight. Most lessons are based on creating and evaluating dance with a focus at the end of each term of performing for assessment. Dance at key stage three covers topics that are based on learning the basic skills and techniques for dance. The focus after the basic skills is learning choreography and technical skills.

    Dance in KS3 is assessed on a half- termly basis. Each lesson, students are encouraged to evaluate their own performances and that of their peers in a positive and progressive way. Students are assessed in the three key areas: choreography, performing and evaluating.

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  • Design

    Design Technology

    Our aim is to give each student the opportunity to experience a wide range of Technology subjects including Resistant Materials, Food Technology, Textiles and Graphic Products. Within each subject area students will be encouraged to learn and develop new practical skills using a wide range of tools, machinery and equipment. They will also gain an understanding of the properties and characteristics of various materials and have the opportunity to generate their own design ideas. The Technology curriculum is taught through a series of design and make projects enabling students to experience the design process from the initial stages of gathering research information through to the realisation of a final product.

  • Drama


    Year 7 and 8 have one period of drama a week. In year 7, the lessons are practical based and focus on creating plays. At the end of each unit students are assessed via a short performance. The first two terms of year 7 focus on the basic skills and techniques needed to create and perform drama to help develop their understanding. The students then study storytelling and Superheroes V Super Villains. At the end of the year students take part in a ‘drama challenge’ which consists of the whole of year 7 competing in teams and working through a variety of drama tasks.

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  • English


    The English Faculty aims to provide students with a lively, varied, accessible yet ambitious curriculum. We encourage students to become critical readers of both fiction and non-fiction texts, whilst supporting their development into confident, articulate speakers. Whether examining print texts or moving image, we aim to provide students with the skills they need to write with accuracy, clarity and precision.

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  • Health and Social

    Health and Social Care

    We provide relevant experiences for pupils wishing to move into the health or social sector and related occupations such as paramedic and ambulance roles, occupation & physiotherapy, radiology, nursing, counselling, care and social work, doctor, dentist, optician, plus many more careers.

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  • Humanities


    The Humanities Faculty offers a range of academic and developmental subjects based on human experience in the past, present and future.

    We are interested in what makes people do the things they do. How human choices and experiences have shaped our planet and world today. Why humans think, act and express themselves in very different ways and how we can try to learn lessons from the past!

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  • ICT


    Learners explore different types of application software e.g. MS Office and industry standard software such as Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks. This sets a solid foundation for all students to make use of their ICT skills across all curriculum areas. Students finish year 8 with a good understanding of the use of ICT within the modern world, both for curriculum and social use.

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  • Mathematics


    The Mathematics Department at The Maplesden Noakes School aims to offer a curriculum which is flexible and tailored to suit students’ individual needs. It allows students opportunities to actively learn the skills and knowledge required to function mathematically in the real world through a variety of activities and encourage them to think for themselves. Students are able to understand how they are progressing via regular assessment and feedback from teachers.

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  • Media


    The Media Studies Department aims to be innovative, forward-thinking and adventurous in our approach to teaching and learning; providing students with a relevant and engaging education.

    The department is equipped with three dedicated studios, a HD cinema room with Blu-Ray and THX surround sound, and a radio studio. One studio has a suite of brand new iMacs and boasts industry standard software including Adobe creative suite 4 and final cut express.

  • Modern Languages

    Modern Foreign Languages

    Throughout the year students are invited to think how they can transfer their skills to other subjects and in their daily life. They are also being shown how languages are not restricted to the classroom and can be used in the world of work.

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  • Music


    Pupils focus on developing fundamental musical skills including rhythm, pitch and structure. They compose, listen to and perform music, acquiring basic keyboard skills and experiencing a wide range of other instruments. Topics include the Elements of Music, Beat & Rhythm, Pitch & the Keyboard, Medieval Music and Concert Performance.

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  • PE

    Physical Education

    At Maplesden Noakes we pursue excellence for all in PE & Sport and use the power of this subject to enhance the academic, personal and social development of all our students.

    PE & Sport will increase student self-esteem, infuse them with a sense of pride, encourage them to strive for improvement, motivate them to achieve more and therefore raise their standard of achievement in all areas of the curriculum.

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  • Social Sciences

    Social Sciences

    Social Science is the study of society, and the way in which people behave and influence the world around us. It tell us about the world beyond our immediate experience, and helps to explain how our society works – from the causes of unemployment, to how and why people vote, or what makes us happy.

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  • Public/Leisure

    Public Service and Leisure Studies

    BTEC Public Services is offered to students as an option at Key Stage 4. It is appropriate for those students who will enjoy working with people and have an interest in the work of the uniformed public services including the police, prison service, fire and rescue, ambulance service, the army, navy and RAF. It teaches you a range of skills which are relevant to not only jobs in the uniformed public services, but to all jobs. These include team working skills, leadership and communication skills.

  • Science


    At Maplesden Noakes School we see Science as relevant and exciting in the modern world.

    We aim to give all students the best possible preparation for a rapidly changing technological society by encouraging students to explore how science works within the universe and to have fun whilst learning.

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  • AEN

    Additional Educational Needs

    Our department exists to guide students who need extra assistance to help them overcome barriers and achieve alongside their peers. We value every pupil and have high aspirations for all students that receive our support.

    Our aim is to support AEN students, alongside non-AEN students, in mainstream classes. We also provide 1:1 tuition where needed, help them with subjects they struggle with and encourage them to become independent learners and responsible adults who can eventually leave the school and make a real contribution to society.