The Mathematics department is made up of the following members of staff:
Mrs P Neeve (Head of Mathematics)
Mr A Maund (2nd in Department)
Mrs J Gouldsworthy
Mrs S Pope
Mrs L Messenger (maternity leave)
Miss S Harman
Mr J Davies
Mr R Ward
Mr J Owen
Mrs L Clark
Mrs L Wood

The Mathematics department at The Maplesden Noakes School aims to:

  • Offer a curriculum which is flexible and tailored to suit students’ individual needs.
  • Allow students opportunities to actively learn the skills and knowledge required to function mathematically in the real world through a variety of activities and encourage them to think for themselves.
  • Enable students to understand how they are progressing through regular assessment supported by feedback from staff.
  • Provide the resources needed to support students and enable them to progress to the best of their ability.

The Mathematics Department has 7 classrooms, all with interactive whiteboards. One of the classrooms also has ICT facilities for students.

Key Stage 3

This is a two year Key Stage and our Scheme of Work is levelled so that it can be tailored to individual students. Our main text book is “Level Up” (Pearson) but students are encouraged to use ICT and other materials as well. Year 7 and 8 are currently taught in 6 groups. They have 7 hours of Maths each fortnight.

Key Stage 4

From years 9-11, we follow the Edexcel, 2 tier specification. At present students use a variety of texts and worksheets although the main textbook is the Edexcel Collins GCSE book. Students are taught in 8 groups. They have 8 hours of Maths each fortnight.

Key Stage 5

We follow the Edexcel syllabus. The course comprises both Core and Applied elements and there is no coursework. In order to complete this course it is necessary for students to have gained at least an A grade/grade 7 at higher tier GCSE. Students have 9 hours of Maths each fortnight.


From Years 7 to 10, students are assessed every half term in class. Year 10 students will also have an end of year exam in addition to this in the school hall. Year 11 students have mock exams in the school hall throughout the year in order to prepare them for the GCSE at the end of the year.


We provide intervention in small groups for students who are underachieving or for those we feel need some extra support with their Maths.

All students are expected to bring the following equipment to EVERY single Maths lesson:
Scientific calculator (we recommend Casio and these are available to buy from the department)
Uniform card
Exercise book

Some Frequently Asked Questions that we often get asked about the department:

  • Can I use MyMaths to do extra work at home?

You can use MyMaths as much as you want to. Your teachers can see any “Online Homework” tasks you have done in addition to the ones you are set but they won’t see which lessons you have looked at. MyMaths can be useful for parents too to help you with your child’s homework!

  • What do the levels/grades mean?

You will be given a level (years 7 and 8) or grade (from year 9) at regular intervals throughout the year. The grades will relate to GCSE grades and the levels are based on the school KS3 criteria. If you want to see more information about levels/grades, please ask a member of the maths department.

  • How can I support my son/daughter at home?

You can support your son/daughter by helping them with their homework and ensuring that they complete it on time as well as by making sure they have the correct equipment each day. If you want to do extra work, MyMaths is a useful resource and students can use the booster packs to improve their levels or grades. At GCSE, revision guides are also useful. These are available from school or in most bookshops providing you get the appropriate guide for the course.

  • What homework should I expect to get in Maths?

All students will be given at least one piece of homework each week in line with the school homework timetable. This may be a weekly skills sheet or other pieces of homework set by the class teacher as appropriate.

If you require more detailed information about the department, please feel free to contact us.

Students can also download past exam papers for help with revision as well as prompt sheets (which support the assessment within the department) from the student public drive in school or they can bring in a memory stick to their Maths teacher.

Updated September 2018