Year Seven students start on Tuesday 4th September.

Please ensure that they arrive promptly; assembly will be in the Hall at 8:30am.

Parents, you will have access to your child's Wisepay account beforehand so funds can be credited to their account ready for the first week.

Students should bring a snack for break time on the first morning.


Your Form Tutor is going to be a very important person to you at school, they will be there to support and guide you.

Seven Different Form Groups

Because there will be 214 of you joining us in Year 7 we split the year group into 7 forms; 7M, 7A, 7P, 7L, 7E, 7S and 7D.

Which Form Are You?

You will have learned which form you are in at the Induction Days.

Form Activities

It's good fun being part of a form, as you get to take part in inter-form tournaments and each day you will take part in some kind of activity.
There is a programme of activities for each day ranging from board games and silent reading to assemblies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I am late into school?
If you are late to school and it is before 9.00am you should still go to your form as normal. If it is after 9.00am then you should go to the attendance officer and register with her. In both cases your uniform card will be signed and you will be expected to make up the time with your form tutor. If you are late to school on 5 or more occasions, you will receive a House detention.

If I get in early will the school be open?
Yes it will be open, the restaurant serves breakfast from 8.00 am, so you are able to go in there and meet your friends before the day starts.

What happens if it rains at lunch and break?
You will have to stay in the restaurant.

Where can we play during break and lunch?
If the weather is fine then you can play on the courts and you will be allowed to play on the school field to the right of the astro pitches at certain times of the year. If the weather is wet then you can only play on the courts. However, if it is raining then you must stay in the restaurant.

Is there anywhere that is out of bounds?
Yes, car parks, the far field and behind the Tech and PE blocks.

What is the 'Green Room'
This is the room where Lexia reading takes place and where the AEN department is based.

What is the 'Blue Room'
This is our room that you will go to if you break the school rules. It is pretty serious if you end up in there.

Are we allowed mobile phones in school?
Yes, mobile phones are allowed in school but they must be switched off and they must not be visible from the time you go to form (8:30am) until you leave at the end of the day. If you are seen using a phone a teacher is legally allowed to confiscate the phone. The phone will be returned at the end of the day, if the phone is used again a letter is sent home and on the third offence your phone can only be returned if your parents come in to collect it.

Am I allowed to go to the toilet during lessons?
No, you must go to the toilet during your beaks.

Am I allowed to drink in class?
Yes, it is important to stay hydrated during lessons. You will only be able to drink water and it is always best to ask your teacher's permission before you start drinking... just out of respect. You may not leave class to get the water - this should be done during breaks and lunches.

Are there any water fountains?
Yes, there is one in the restaurant but you are only allowed to use it during breaks and lunches.

What happens if I forget my planner or equipment?
You will have your uniform card signed, and this could result in a House detention. Organise yourself the evening before school. You will have equipment checks. The basics you must have are as follows; 2 pencils, 2 pens, a rubber, a ruler, a protractor and a scientific calculator.

Do we have to wear blazers in school?
Yes, everyone has to wear a blazer; they are useful for keeping bits and pieces in the inside pockets. In addition, you can wear a school jumper under your blazer in winter if you are cold.

What happens if I wear trainers into school?
You are not allowed to wear trainers to school. Wearing them is classed as a uniform offence and will result in a mark on your uniform card. If you come to school in trainers you will be asked to change into a pair of black plimsolls provided by the student managers.

Does my shirt have to be tucked in?
Yes, you will have a uniform card and if you get 5 signatures on it then you get a House detention. Your Form Tutor will not be pleased with you!

Am I allowed to wear a scarf in class?

Am I allowed to wear makeup, nail varnish or jewellery?
No jewellery may be worn with the exception of one small plain stud in the lobe of each ear. No other piercings, including tongue piercings, are allowed. Students may wear a watch but no other adornment, on the wrist or in the hair should be worn. Equally only black, narrow, traditional style belts should be worn.

Will I get a timetable?
Yes, you will get this on your first day and the timetable will tell you where you need to go for each lesson and it includes your teacher and room location.

How often are assemblies?
You will have one a fortnight and they will either be a House assembly or a Year 7 assembly. Don't be late.

Is it true that I might be in an all-boys or all-girls class?
No, all classes are mixed gender so a mix of boys and girls but you will be grouped by ability.

Will I get homework?
You will have a homework timetable given to you when you start in September. You will have some homework everyday but not from every subject. We also use a website called ShowMyHomework which you can use alongside your planner to see when homework is set and when it is due in. It is really important that you develop good habits with regards to homework right from the start!

Does the school give detentions?
Detentions are given for a variety of reasons. A teacher may give a lunchtime or after school detention for missing homework or not working well in lesson. Detentions can be given for littering and not wearing uniform correctly. If you miss a detention you can move on to Departmental Detentions or House Detentions. House detentions run for 1 hour, and are given for persistent uniform offences or lateness. House detention are pretty serious, try not to get one of these!

What happens if there is any bullying?
Bullying is something we are not prepared to tolerate in any form or at any age level. If you see bullying going on, or suffer from it you should always tell your form teacher. If you don't want to do this, then there are several more annonymous ways to let us know. You can tell a friend who can talk to any member of staff. We also have Student Managers who are always around, so you have plenty of options. There is a form that you can send on the 'I need Help' page of the school website if you would prefer to do it via computer... the important thing is not to keep quiet about it!


The Maplesden Noakes School is a secure and caring community. We can show respect by the way we speak to each other, the way we present ourselves and by accepting when we are wrong.

We all agree that we can support one another by:

  • Attending school regularly and on time
  • Attending all lessons on time
  • Wearing the correct uniform
  • Following instructions given by a member of staff
  • Following the school policy on jewellery, make-up, mobile phones etc.
  • Working quietly, sensibly and considerately at all times
  • Moving around the site in a sensible and safe manner
  • Showing respect to the whole school community
  • Looking after our own and other's property
  • Taking care of the school site and remaining in the designated areas
  • Keeping our environment clean, safe and tidy
  • Being honest and trustworthy

We have pride in ourselves and our school. We can contribute to the wider community and society by sharing these values.

To achieve this we will:

  • Speak calmly and politely to each other
  • Use "please" and "thank you"
  • Use adults' names (Mr/Mrs/Miss) or Sir/Miss
  • Not use offensive language in public
  • Dress smartly
  • Refrain from overt displays of affection in public
  • Walk on the left
  • Open doors for others
  • Put our own litter in the bin and pick up any that we see
  • Not talk back
  • Leave classrooms clean and tidy (chairs tucked in and litter removed)
  • Carry and place bags carefully
  • Not touch others property

Need Help?

We understand that for some of you coming to Maplesden in September will be a little scary and for others you will be excited and very ready to take that next step in your life at school.

If you are feeling anxious then drop us an email using the address below and we will get back to you and help to calm your fears. We can also put you in touch with some students who were in exactly the same situation as you last year!

Please contact us at