Unmistakably Maplesden

Please find the presentations from the Year 7 Settling In Evening at the following links:

Year 7 Settling In Evening – 2018

Year 7 e Safety – 2018

Despite an increasingly turbulent and unpredictable exam system nationally, at Maplesden Noakes we are extremely proud of our results with some fantastic examples of the reward that comes from lots of hard work. 63% of students achieved Grade 4 or above (A*-C) in English, 66% achieved Grade 4 or above in Maths and 67% achieved at least one Grade 4 or above in Science.

Some examples of students achieving particularly high grades are:

  • Dayna Chalklen – results included A* in Psychology, A in Graphics plus grades 6 – 9 in all her other subjects
  • Mafalda Horta – A in RM, Merit in Health & Social Care plus grades 6 – 8 in all her other subjects
  • Charlotte Crouch – results included Grades 8 in English and Maths plus 8,7 in Science
  • Macey Willard – Grades 5 – 9 in all subjects including a 9 in Geography
  • Kian Rogers – grades include A in RM, Distinction* in PE, 6 in Maths and 7,7 in Science
  • Gabby Fielder – grades included Distinction* in Health & Social Care, B in Business Studies, grade 8 in English Language and 7,7 in Science
  • Chloe Sherry – Distinction* in Music, Merit in Drama plus grades 5 – 8 in six other subjects
  • Doris Fong – grades included an 8 in Maths, 6,6 in Science, 6 in Computer Science and A in ICT

Another year of amazing results. We are so pleased that all the hard work has paid off. We are extremely proud of all our students and our staff as our results are fantastic. We achieved a 97% pass rate with 71% A* – C, 48% A* to B and 22% A* to A. Here are some particularly impressive examples of the kind of standards that make Maplesden Noakes so special.

• Sammi Ta A* Biology, A Maths, B History – going to Warwick University to study Biomedical Science
• Beth Elliott (Head Girl) A Media Studies, A Film Studies, B English Lit – going to Queen Mary’s to study Film Studies
• Isabella Ker A Sociology, B Physical Education, B Psychology – going to St George’s University Hospital to study Physiotherapy
• Dan Whitworth Double distinction in Performing Arts, Distinction* in Public Services – going to Oxford Brookes to study Film and Drama
• Brooke Ellis A* Sociology, A Psychology, B English Lit – apprenticeship
• Charlie May-Loft A Business Studies, A Psychology, B Maths – apprenticeship
• Cerian Dantzie A Psychology, B Philosophy, C Biology
• Antonio Leitao B Art, B Graphics, B Photography
• Tom Carey B Business Studies, B Psychology, C Physical Education
• Rebecca Keyes A Graphics, B Art, C History

The school’s Summer Newsletter for 2018 is now available!

Maplesden to Malawi-the amazing journey begins! Our intrepid explorers left the school at 3pm on Sunday for the beginning of a 40 hour journey to the heart of Malawi where they will build a primary school for children who currently walk 90 minutes every day to school. The start of a life changing adventure!