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International Baccalaureate Careers Programme

IBCP at Maplesden Noakes

The International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP) is a two-year qualification package designed for students aged 16-19. It is a holistic framework which focuses on developing students’ skills by engaging them in career-related education that still has a strong academic focus.

The programme leads to further/higher education, apprenticeships or employment.

The Core involves the following elements:

Personal and Professional Studies (personal development and employability skills)
Reflective Project
Service Learning (a volunteering opportunity in a business or care facility in the local community)
Language Development (exploring the culture and language of an overseas country with possibility of residential visit)

These will be timetabled, project-based lessons involving a lot of independent study and group-work. This core element will be in one option block, taught by Miss Moody and our Careers Advisor, Mrs Mortley.

The IB Diplomas we will be offering are:

Information Technology in Global Societies (taught, primarily, by Miss Moody)
Film Studies (taught by Mr Newcombe, Head of Sixth Form)

We have chosen these subjects as they offer generic skills, both academic and practical, covering technology systems and global business structures as well as media-based research and project development which may be beneficial for further study or employment in a wide variety of industries and disciplines.

The Careers Programme supports the study of a vocational subject:

We are linking our IBCP provision with double-award BTEC Sport.

Our BTEC Sport is a well-established and outstanding qualification. Last year they achieved 100% Distinction and above in results. It is equally regarded to the A Level PE by many universities and our students have gone on to study in equal measure many sports and non-sports degrees; others have been successful in Apprenticeships or employment.

I highly recommend considering this course; students may find that the combination of tasks and skills will be beneficial in their academic ability and the outcome will be a highly regarded qualification with the possibility of achieving a commendable tally of UCAS points.

The IBCP course will give students an excellent balance of independent study and focused academic learning which will fully support his interest in sport. It will also give a focused opportunity to plan and prepare for future study, employment or an apprenticeship role. We currently have excellent partnerships with a number of universities and business links which we hope to utilise in both the delivery of the programme and employment prospects once completed.