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Equipping Students for the Future
Equipping Students for the Future
Equipping Students for the Future
Equipping Students for the Future

Welcome to our School

At Maplesden, we work in partnership with parents to ensure that every student receives the best possible education. Our strong reputation is built on providing a unique blend of high academic standards and excellent pastoral support. We want every student to feel proud to be part of our highly successful community. We hope that this website provides you with an understanding of the exciting opportunities provided by our school.
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@MaplesdenNoakes - Jul 25
Our July newsletter is now live on our website, check it out here 🗞
@MaplesdenNoakes - Jul 22
The Reconnect: Kent community are running a series of events during the summer holidays, designed to get children and young people back enjoying activities and opportunities. You can find the full schedule here:
@MaplesdenNoakes - Jul 21
Sports Connect are running a sports, activity and health programme at K Sports, Cobdown during the school holidays. Find out more here
@MaplesdenNoakes - Jul 20
We're looking for a Facilities Manager to join our team. This new role has been identified in response to the growth of our School and to maintain our commitment to provide high quality and safe learning environments for our students and staff. 🔗
@MaplesdenNoakes Retweeted
Sports Connect
- Jul 19
We are delighted to have received funding for the HAF (Holiday Activity and Food) Programme in partnership with , & Kent Children and Young People. We will be running a sports, activity & health programme at in August. ℹ️
@MaplesdenNoakes - Jul 16
Today marks the last day of the academic year so we’d like to wish all students and staff a safe and enjoyable summer break. We look forward to welcoming you back in September!
@MaplesdenNoakes - Jul 15
Parents and Carers, our Family Liaison Officer, Mel, will be working during the Summer Holiday with the exception of 29th July to 13th August. Please get in touch if you would like any support or wish to chat about anything 📩
@MaplesdenNoakes - Jul 11
If you have any uniform or school equipment that you no longer need, we would gratefully accept them as donations, which will be allocated either for free or for a small charge to other pupils that need them. If you have any questions please email ✉️
@MaplesdenNoakes - Jul 7
Our Maths Department have recently run their very own 'My Money Week' for Year 9. Our students have been learning about financial terminology, budgeting and discussing the bank accounts available to them now and in the future. 💸
@MaplesdenNoakes - Jul 5
As we near the end of term, we urge everyone to continue carrying out your lateral flow tests twice weekly whilst still at school.
@MaplesdenNoakes - Jun 28
We're currently recruiting for a range of career opportunities, including a Teaching Assistant, Admin Office Junior, and a Wellbeing Mentor. 📝 🔗 Find out more here
@MaplesdenNoakes - Jun 27
In this months SEND newsletter, shine light on creativity, and how using artistic skills can boost mental and physical health. 🎨 🔗 Read all about it here
@MaplesdenNoakes - Jun 23
Our School Open Evening will be taking place on Thursday 7th October 2021. To see an exclusive 'behind the scenes' video and to receive priority information, make sure you sign up before Friday!
@MaplesdenNoakes Retweeted
Mid Kent Mind
- Jun 23
Today is 2021. We wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year, and express a huge level of thanks and gratitude for all of the public service workers who have continued to work throughout the pandemic.💙 |
@MaplesdenNoakes Retweeted
Professor Prathiba Chitsabesan
- Jun 21
Thanks sch-talk to Y12 Psychology students on a career in MH-hope I have convinced a few! V rewarding-lots of diff roles/career paths. Impressed by their knowledge & interest! Pls do champion career in MH&NHS
@MaplesdenNoakes - Jun 21
. are hosting a parent support group this Wednesday 23rd at 8pm with guest speaker Wendy Pearson - an autism practitioner providing mentoring, support and advice for autistic young people and their families. To join, please email 📲
@MaplesdenNoakes - Jun 17
We recently hosted a whirlwind of activities, outreach, careers and skill strengthening education for our Year 11 students. Throughout the week, students were building confidence in moving onto their next steps. Thank you to everyone who was involved 💛
@MaplesdenNoakes - Jun 16
Up to 1 in 3 people with Covid-19 don’t display any symptoms, that’s why testing is so important. We urge everyone to continue testing and reporting your results to both the NHS app and the school. If you have any questions contact us at
@MaplesdenNoakes - Jun 9
A reminder that our Alumni community are on LinkedIn! Whilst allowing us to continue to support and network with our former students, our Alumni helps us to improve our Careers Programme by sharing success stories and career paths. 💛 🔗
@MaplesdenNoakes - Jun 7
We’re pleased to announce that our Year 7 Open Day will be taking place on Thursday 7th October 2021. To sign up for priority information, please head to 🔗
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