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Post 18 Options UCAS is the application tool used to apply for university.  Depending on the subject and the university applying to, students must submit their application by the relevant deadline as shown below:  

  • 15 October deadline: Those applying for medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses and anyone applying to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge must submit their UCAS applications by 15 October – in the year before the student wishes to start their studies. 

  • 26 January deadline: The majority of applications must be submitted by 26 January (in the calendar year that the student wishes to begin their studies). 

  • 24 March deadline: Some art and design courses have a later application deadline – 24 March – to give them time to complete their portfolios. 

It is possible for students to submit applications up until 30 June each year; but a late submission may not be given the same consideration as those submitted before the deadline. Applications received after 30 June are placed directly into Clearing. 

You may want to think about studying Higher Education at a local college.  Colleges have a university campus or centre for Higher Education courses delivered at a Level 4 HNC (Higher National Certificate) or at a Level 5 HND (Higher National Diploma).  Colleges have generally lower fees than universities.  

Want to find out about Higher / Degree Apprenticeships? 

Students who wish to undertake an apprenticeship at the end of Year 13, would primarily be suited to Advanced (Level 3) or Higher/Degree opportunities (Levels 4-6). Entry requirements vary.  

Are you thinking about a Gap Year to enhance your skills and experience of different cultures, societies and self-reflection?

Take a look at some of the companies offering tailored trips and activities abroad and in the UK:  

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