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Policies and Documents

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Page Downloads Date  
Access Arrangements Policy 01st Mar 2023 Download
Admissions Policy 2023 24th Feb 2022 Download
Anti Bullying Policy Sept 2023 13th Sep 2023 Download
Attendance Policy 15th Jul 2022 Download
Behaviour and Attitudes to Learning Policy 01st Mar 2023 Download
Careers Policy 21st Jan 2020 Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 16th Apr 2013 Download
Whistleblowing Policy 04th Oct 2022 Download
Teaching and Learning Policy 15th Feb 2021 Download
Single Equalities Policy 14th Jul 2022 Download
SEN Policy and Information Report 28th Sep 2022 Download
Remote Learning Policy 15th Oct 2020 Download
Relationships and Sex Education Policy 28th Sep 2022 Download
Redundancy Policy 2022 24th Feb 2022 Download
Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2022-23 16th Dec 2022 Download
Procedure for Enquiries About Results and Remarks 12th Dec 2022 Download
Provider Access Policy 08th Feb 2023 Download
Persistent or Habitual Complaints / Harassment 01st Jan 2020 Download
Online Safety Policy 04th Apr 2023 Download
Non-Smoking Policy 12th Dec 2022 Download
Mobile Phone and Smart Watch Policy 01st Jan 2020 Download
MNS Handbook 11th Jan 2021 Download
Image Use Policy 05th Jul 2022 Download
Governor Allowances Policy 01st Dec 2022 Download
Gifts & hospitality Policy 15th Feb 2021 Download
First Aid and Medical Policy and Procedures 01st Jul 2016 Download
Finance Policy 12th Dec 2022 Download
Exclusion Policy 01st Jul 2019 Download
Examinations Disability Policy 12th Dec 2022 Download
Designated Teacher Policy LACs 2021 15th Feb 2021 Download
COVID 19 Catch Up Premium Report 23rd Feb 2021 Download
Complaints Procedure 14th Sep 2022 Download
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Sept 23 08th Sep 2023 Download
Uniform and Appearance Policy 13th Sep 2023 Download
Cyber Response Plan Public Release 27th Sep 2023 Download
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